Weight Loss and Low Carb

Are you interested in a healthy diet, weight loss, being able to put Type 2 diabetes or Pre-diabetes into remission? Then read on!

A new FREE Colne Valley PCN Low Carb Programme is now available to patients of Colne Valley PCN with a BMI of over 25, who are looking to lose weight, eat more healthily or potentially put their Type 2 Diabetes into remission.

The Colne Valley Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of:

  • Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery, Halstead
  • Pump House Surgery, Earls Colne
  • Freshwell Health Centre, Finchingfield
  • Hedingham Medical Centre
  • Kelvedon & Feering Health Centre
  • Coggeshall Surgery

12 week programme

The 12 week programme will equip you with information, skills, tips and support to help you to adopt a low carb approach and achieve your health goals. 

Our experienced and enthusiastic health coach, Sharon Withnell, runs this programme. Each session consists of an educational video presentation written and presented by Dr David Oliver & Dr Kim Andrews from the Freshwell Health Centre. This is followed by discussion & general chat, in a supportive environment.

We have had some excellent feedback from our early participants who have completed the programme. Many of our participants are already reporting significant health benefits.

To find out more or book a place, please click here to complete our self referral form. Alternatively if you have difficulties with this you, can email Sharon Withnell, our health coach: meccg.lowcarb.cvpcn@nhs.net

Low Carb Support Group

Colne Valley PCN patients are welcome to join our thriving low carb support Facebook group. Get support and share your experiences, recipes and success with others following a low carb lifestyle in the Colne Valley PCN area.



The Colne Valley PCN Low Carb Programme was developed following the early success of the Freshwell Low Carb Project.

Dr Oliver & Dr Andrews from the Freshwell Health Centre in Finchingfield discovered low carb in late 2018 and quickly realised that using a low carb lifestyle approach resulted in huge benefits in their patients’ health. They decided to set up the Freshwell Low Carb Project in mid 2019.

A website was launched in mid 2019, www.lowcarbfreshwell.co.uk, which provides a quick start guide for people wishing to commence a low carb lifestyle.

Within one year of starting, Freshwell patients achieved a total weight loss of over 1,000kg – a metric tonne! That’s about the weight of a small car! A number of patients with Type 2 Diabetes went into remission off all medication, including insulin in some cases. Numerous other health benefits have been reported such as increased energy levels, resolution of acid reflux and reduced joint pains.

Dr Andrews has produced a free 4 week low carb meal planner, that has become quite well known in the low carb world, with over 6,000 copies downloaded world-wide to date! Download your free copy here! Volume 2 is being written as we speak.


If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at some of the amazing success stories from the Colne Valley PCN & Freshwell Low Carb Project here.

Want to Get Started?

You might want to start by having a look at the www.lowcarbfreshwell.co.uk website, to help give you a feel for what a low carb lifestyle involves. If you are a Colne Valley PCN resident, then please feel free to join our low carb support Facebook group. If you are interested in finding out more, or if you are interested in joining in one of Sharon’s six week programmes, then please email Sharon: lowcarb.cvpcn@nhs.net.

We look forward to you getting on board and hearing about your success stories. Let 2021 be the year for the new, improved you!  Good Luck!